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Ibrahim Pasha: Grand Vizir of Suleiman the Magnificent (Classic Reprint)

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Constantinople naturally leads to an interest in the history of Turkey, and also to the recognition that little has been written on that subject except on the side of political relations with Europe. One who desires to present to western readers a brief study of Turkish civilization might reasonably turn to the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, as being typical of the course of Turkish history, and also as exhibiting Turkey at the height of her powers. For the purpose of this dissertation, the study has been confined to the career of Ibrahim Pasha, grand vizir between 12,2. and 1536. The writers acknowledgments are due to Professors Sloane and Gottheil for valuable criticism, and for their aid in the obtaining of rare books, and to Professor and Mrs. -R obinson for the careful reading of proof. HESTER DONALDSON JENKINS. NOVEMBER 23, 1911.
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