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Playstation 4 Controller Skin by Foamy Lizard (TM) ChameleonSkin (Individual) Premium Protective Anti-slip Silicone Grip Case Cover For Wireless PS4 Controller (Acid - Green)

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Foamy Lizard

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0.10 pounds

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Video Games


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In the heat of battle there's no time to lose, and especially no time to lose your grip on your controller. The Foamy Lizard ChameleonSkin is the perfect solution for those crazy game nights when the gameplay is fierce. Solo it's great for when you've been playing a first person shooter for so long you've forgotten to blinked for several minutes and your hands start to sweat. Don't get caught empty handed during the battle get the Foamy Lizard ChameleonSkin. Legitimate units will be enclosed in Foamy Lizard brand packaging with inspection card. If you receive unmarked packaging you may have purchased an untested and inferior counterfeit from an unauthorized seller.