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Living Basix LB100 Jet Fry Oil-Free Fryer with Adjustable Temperature Control and Timer


Manufacturer : Living Basix, Inc.

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16.8 pounds

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Our Price: PKR 45,104

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Brand : Living Basix
Color : Black
Features :
    : Combines infrared and convection technologies to evenly "fry" foods such as French fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings and more without using oil
    : Adjustable temperature control ensures food is cooked to the appropriate temperature (up to 400F)
    : Closed cooking system provides a safe odor and splatter free cooking experience with a cool touch exterior
    : Compact size - easily fits on a kitchen counter and blends in with existing appliances
    : Dishwasher safe fry bowl and basket
UPC : 855744004025


The Living Basix Jet Fry Oil-Free Fryer makes cooking quick, convenient and most importantly, healthy! This unique product makes crisp, succulent fried food with little to no oil. Using a combination of infrared and convection cooking technologies, the Jet Fry Oil-Free Fryer reaches an internal temperature of up to 400F and evenly circulates hot air to cook chicken wings, French fries and onion rings with the same crunchy exterior and moist interior produced by conventional deep fryers. You can ....